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Working Night Shifts May Lead to Increased Risks Associated With Sleep Deprivation

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While it is not uncommon for people to lose sleep over their jobs, a study shows that jobs that change a bodies natural sleep cycle may lead to increased health risks.

Analyzing the results of over 30 studies, international researchers found that working a shift related job can be attributed to a 23 percent increased risk of heart attacks. Furthermore, the data shows that those working a night shift are actually at a 41% higher risk of heart attack than people who work in a non-shift environment.

Despite the increased risk of heart attack, the study shows that working a shift related job does not necessarily increase the likelihood of death.  It did find, however, that diabetes is more likely to develop in night workers who had pre-diabetes conditions, as well as an increased risk in MS in teens who work late nights.

The issues and problems of sleep deprivation or even changing your sleep pattern are many.  It can change your bodies metabolism, it can increase risk of heart disease, and it can lead to more sleep problems by changing your bodies natural sleep cycle, or circadian rhythm.

These problems affect nurses, firefighters, police, transportation workers, factory employees and more.  Not only are there increased health risks associated with the time of day they work, but if they work while they are under-slept or malnourished they may cause costly, or deadly accidents.

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