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Yoga May Solve Insomnia Problems Of Menopausal Women

Yoga May Solve Insomnia Problems In Menopausal Women

For women, menopause is a stage of life that simply cannot be avoided. One of the top complaints concerning menopause is the negative impact it has on sleep. Insomnia is prevalent during this stage of life. While hormone replacement therapy and practicing a healthy consistent sleep routine have been shown to be effective, women may also want to consider practicing yoga for better sleep.

A new study conducted by researchers from the Group Health Research Institute produced results that showed taking a 12-week yoga class and practicing yoga at home, was tied to decreased insomnia symptoms among a group of healthy women going through menopause.

The randomized controlled study included 107 women who were assigned to 12 weekly 90 minute yoga classes and practicing yoga at home; 106 who women were assigned to do exercise; and 142 women who weren’t assigned anything and stuck to their usual activity. All of the women kept daily diaries of their activities and sleep.

The findings concluded that although there was not a significant difference in number of menopausal symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes, yoga was directly linked to a decrease in insomnia symptoms, compared to usual activity.

High quality sleep can seem like a challenge to obtain but, it important we make the effort to win. 7-9 hours of sleep will leave you performing, looking and feeling your best! If you find that you aren’t sleeping well despite your best effort, speak with your doctor as soon as possible!

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