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Archive | April, 2013


CPAP Therapy In Pregnant Women May Improve Fetal Health

The treatment of sleep-disordered breathing in pregnant women can improve fetal health and increase fetal activity levels according to a new study which appeared in the journal SLEEP. Results of a three-part study show that the average number of fetal movements during maternal sleep nearly doubled  when pregnant patients suffering from sleep-disordered breathing received CPAP treatment. […]

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Catching Up on Sleep May Not be as Effective as We Think

  We’re all familiar with the age-old solution of “catching up on sleep,” after an especially grueling, sleep-deprived workweek. However, a new study shows that two nights of extra sleep (a typical weekend) is not enough to cancel-out having lost sleep throughout the week. Researchers observed 34 people–none of whom had sleep disorders–get 8 hours […]

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