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3 Types of Naps to Better Your Days

3 Types of Naps to Better Your Days

Taking a nap at the right time can turn your whole day around, allowing you to fly through your work day in good spirits. The sleep medicine community is pretty much in agreement that naps boost creativity, memory, productivity and moods. Check out the 3 types of naps that Oprah Magazine says you need to add to your schedule:

15 Minutes: The Power Nap
Perfect for the busy person that can’t afford to spare much time, this small dose of snooze packs enough stage two sleep to boost your memory. Practice progressive meditation to fall asleep faster as your release all of the tension in your body, starting from your toes.

30 Minutes: The Solid Snooze
Take your nap about 6 hours after you’ve woken up for an extra boost to take advantage of your circadian rhythm. You’ll get plenty of stage two sleep without going into a deep sleep and waking up feeling groggy.

90 Minutes: The Full Refresher
This type of nap allows you to power through a full sleep cycle. Research shows that a snooze of this length can provide as many cognitive benefits and as much refreshment as a full night of night of sleep.

Remember not to take a nap within 4 hours of your bedtime, it will increase your chances for a night of insomnia. To find out more about how and why you should pencil in more naps, click here!

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