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Napping: Why, and How You Should Do It

Napping: Why And How You Should Do It

In today’s fast paced world, you would likely feel guilty for sleeping during the middle of your work day, but a nap may be exactly what you need for success. Check out Sylvie Barthelemy of The Huffington Post’s advice about napping to reconsider the negative views on the case for napping at work:

5 Reasons for Napping:

1. It helps you recharge: Replace the short-term effects of energy that you get from sugar or caffeine, to get an incredibly steady amount of energy for the second half of your day.

2. It is the perfect way to disconnect: Sometimes you just need to gain the fresh perspective on a situation that a nap provides — sleep on it (if only briefly)!

3. It can change your mood: Your morning may not have started as you wanted, with morning traffic, misplaced documents, or a disagreement with a coworker. The good news is that a nap can easily redirect your emotions toward happiness.

4. It helps you stay focused: One of the easiest ways to clear mental clutter is to take a nap; you’ll be more productive and less likely to have the need to take work home.

5. It speeds up time: Use the powers of a nap speed your way to the end of your work day.

Now that you know all the wonderful things to be gained from a nap, it’s important to do it the right way to reap all the benefits:

How To Nap:

Don’t compromise: This is your personal timeout, so accept that you can afford to take 20 minutes to yourself to relax.

Silence your electronics: It can be hard, but you don’t need any interruptions.

Get comfortable: Remove your shoes, take off your glasses, and put on an eye pillow. Set yourself up for a high-quality nap.

Lie down: If you can’t lie down, getting into a comfortable chair that’ll give your proper support for your snooze.

Use earplugs or listen to soothing music: This will help you unwind and fall into sleep with ease.

Remember to keep your nap short–around 20 minutes–and restrict it to the early afternoon to prevent grogginess and problems getting to sleep at your bedtime.  Give napping a try for a week and let us know what you think!

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