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A Better Pre-Sleep Routine for Better Sleep!

10 Tips Make Your Sleep More Efficient Before Bedtime

A bedtime ritual is an easy way to make sure you sleep well each night.  Our bodies aren’t machines that fall asleep on command, no matter how hard we try. Here are some tips to enjoy a deeper, refreshing sleep each night:

1. Avoid your bedroom: Your bedroom should be used only for sleep and intimate activities. This will help you associate your bedroom with sleep and rest!

2. Cool your bedroom: The sleep experts at Gallery Furniture recommend you sleep in a cool room. The temperature difference between your body under the covers and the room will help your body relax even more. Experiment to find your best temperature – some prefer 72 degrees while other like to snooze in a cool 65 degrees!

3. Turn down the lights: Darkness is your friend when you are trying to sleep. Blackout curtains are a must! If you don’t like the look of solid blackout curtains, you can also use a blackout liner behind decorative drapes.

4. Put away electronics: Many digital devices emit blue light, which causes your body to remain alert. Turn off your TV! If you must use electronics before bed use a blue light filter. Many phones have a “night” setting. A program like f.lux will automatically adjust the light frequency of your PC throughout the day. There are also versions for Mac, Android, and iPhone.

5. Don’t visit the kitchen: Try to become used to not eating for about 3 hours before your bedtime. Eating close to your bedtime can cause digestion problems such as heart burn or gas that make sleep uncomfortable.

6. Keep your bedroom clutter-free: A neat bedroom works wonders on de-cluttering your brain. When your environment is messy, it is difficult to calm your mind. You should also avoid having a “nightcap” right before bed.

9. Turn your alarm clock around: Watching the minutes tick by can cause you to become stressed. Plus, the light from alarm clocks can have an impact on your sleep. Today there are many options such as motion activated clocks that darken when not used. Or, you can choose to use your cell phone as an alarm and ditch the clock altogether!

10. No pets in your bedroom: Furry friends are a delight, but they can also cause major sleep disruptions. If your pets must sleep in your bedroom, it is best for them to have their own beds.

You don’t have to completely overhaul your entire sleep routine in one day. You can add one a week or just use the ones that work best for you!

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