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Archive | May, 2013

high school kid

Homeschooled Adolescents Have Better Sleep Habits, says New Study

Denver sleep psychologist Lisa Meltzer’s new study found that kids who are homeschooled sleep, on average, an hour and a half longer than their counterparts who attend traditional schools. Ensuring that growing young adults get enough sleep is integral to their development and mental health. Meltzer spoke about schools’ early start times in relation to […]

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Three Easy Fixes for Three Ordinary Sleep Problems with Little Ones

Parents frequently struggle with diagnosing and relieving their young children of common sleep problems. If your toddler is experiencing issues related to rest for an extended period of time you should consult your pediatrician. However, here are a few problems that many children face and how to address them: Sweating – Toddlers experiencing nighttime sweats […]

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Why Do We Want Bad Food Before a Good Night’s Rest?

It’s no secret that a burger and fries from your favorite fast food chain is highly enjoyable—hence why the term “guilty pleasure” is often used to describe one’s feelings about drive-thru dining. However, in a study from St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center and Columbia University, in New York, it was shown that tired people are aroused […]

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