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Archive | April, 2013

tired hockey player

Sleep and Sports: Next Up, the NHL

Many professional hockey players are not getting enough sleep. Furthermore, scores of players are using the prescription sleep-aid drug Ambien to help themselves doze off. The National Hockey League has taken notice of this problem and has taken steps in an attempt to minimize the issues. The NHL’s Players’ Association spokesman, Jonathan Weatherdon commented on […]

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brain waves

Could the Sound of Your Brain Moving Help You Sleep Better?

A new study points to better quality sleep, when people listened to the sound of their own brain rotating as they slept. Previously, many thought that white or ambient noise machines would increase the quality of one’s sleep dramatically. However, the research from the University of Tubingen in Germany questions if it’s really the best […]

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doctor paper

Fact or Fiction: Dispelling Misconceptions About Sleep

In this blog post, we aim to discern between fact and fiction in relation to sleep guidelines. With so much information swirling at our fingertips, it sometimes becomes hard to tell what’s true or false. Read on for an assessment of common myths about sleep, according to Dr. Daniel Buysse, from the University of Pittsburgh’s Sleep Institute: […]

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