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5 Ways to Boost Your Sleep as a Working Mom

5 Sleep Tips For The Working Mom

For the working mom, getting a full night of high-quality sleep may seem like a dream. Your to-do list is getting longer every day with personal and business responsibilities, increasing your stress and making it harder for you to fall asleep when you do get the chance. You may even be self-inflicting sleep deprivation, using the time when your household is asleep for personal “me” time.

Regardless of the reason(s) why you are missing out on sleep, the health risks of sleep deprivation are the same. Many studies have found that a lack of sleep increases the risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity, early death and much more. Not to mention that not getting enough shut-eye can impair your memory, make you less attractive, and less approachable.

To stay on the healthy side of sleep try applying these tips shared by The Huffington Post to your busy schedule:

Be aware of what you eat and drink in the evenings: Avoid sugar and caffeine to prevent restless nights of sleep. Also, avoid that nightcap; once it metabolizes while you are sleeping, you may end up wide awake.

Evaluate your bed: It should be so comfortable that you can’t wait to get to sleep each night. If your mattress is lumpy or your sheets are itchy and heavy, it’s time to upgrade. Find pillows, comforters and other accessories that meet your sleep needs.

Set a bedtime: Adults can benefit from a consistent bedtime just as much as children. Train your body to be ready to sleep and wake up at a certain times, to take advantage of your circadian rhythm. You’ll achieve deeper sleep and have more energy throughout the day.

Turn your mind off at night: Write down your stressors and possible solutions to the problems then put the list away. Though your list will still be there the next day, a full night of sleep increases your brain power making finding solutions easier, and temporarily alleviate stress.

If you can’t sleep in the middle of the night, don’t try: Don’t think about trying to sleep, it just causes frustration and restlessness. Get up and do something relaxing like listening to music, reading, or stretching. Return to the bedroom only when your body is good and sleepy.

Being a role model for sleep will also get your children excited to wind down and promote healthy sleep habits. Since children need more sleep than adults, as an additional bonus you get to stay up a little longer to enjoy your own relaxing sleep routine. Sleeping 7-9 hours a night will turn you into Super Mom with a better ability to multi-task, memorize, learn and of course, be more energized!

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