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Skipping Sleep Lately? Expect These Mishaps to Occur

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Chronic sleep loss could be adding more lows and stressful situations to your weekday without you ever taking notice. When you don’t sleep enough, factors like cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and even an early death could cut your future plans short, but the short-term effects aren’t exactly ideal either.

What would happen if you slept 4 hours or less each night for a week? According to Bustle, you are setting yourself up for series of poor judgment calls:

  • You will go on a binge of carbs and sugars: Your knowledge of eating a balanced diet is one of the first things to go when you are sleep-deprived. Bread bowls, pasta, pizza, brownies, and cookies will be stepping in during this time, while also helping you pack on pounds.
  • You will take weird, inappropriate naps: Get ready to embarrass yourself by sleeping at the most inappropriate times; your next meeting could be a snoring disaster. The worst part is that those brief naps won’t help you feel any less tired.
  • You will begin to hear ominous sounds at night: This may not be the time to watch a horror film; your judgment is already off kilter. Every creak, bump, thump or scratch will keep you on edge all night long.
  • You won’t be able to judge how annoying things really are: All everyday annoyances will simply be on steroids. Pen clicking, a scratchy cough, loud chewing, and even a child’s laughter might set you off today.
  • You will go over your coffee budget: Do you will want to spend every moment obtaining your next caffeine fix? While that latte will make you happy, you won’t be when you see the dent in your bank account.
  • You will pick inappropriate fights: We hope no leaves the cap off your toothpaste or takes one too many of your fries. You are set to go off and it will most likely be due to an irrational thought process that only makes sense to you.
  • You will lose everything not secured to your body: Say goodbye to your cell phone, favorite sweater, your wallet and your sanity. What you thought you had, you don’t.
  • You will be that grown adult crying in public: Prepare to sob uncontrollably when your order is wrong at your favorite burger joint, or when your friend mentions that your shirt is inside out. Your inappropriate crying has no limits.

Regardless of your reason for committing to 7-9 hours of high-quality sleep every night, we are proud of you! Every night won’t be a success, but the point is to be aware of how important sleep is to your daily life, relationships and work. Making the effort with a few small changes can have a significant impact on your snooze!

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