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7 Reasons to Add More Naps to Your Life

7 Reasons to Add More Naps to Your Life

What’s in those naps you’ve been skipping? Apparently, tons of goodness that helps keep us healthy, happy and productive for years to come. If you’ve been feeling uninspired to get some additional snooze during the day, The Huffington Post as shared 7 reasons that will change your mind:

  1. You’ll be more alert: A short nap might be just what you need to help you focus more at work or get through a long drive. Sleeping for just 10 minutes is powerful enough to boost your alertness, and get you back on track at full speed.
  2. Your blood pressure will thank you: While numerous studies have shown that naps are excellent for our health, you may be getting benefits before your slumber begins According to a recent British study, just anticipating a nap as you wait to fall asleep lowers your blood pressure and promotes better health.
  3. You will remember more: If you preparing for a speech, an exam or learning a new hobby, take advantage of the memory boosts that naps provide. Compared to people who did not nap, those who enjoyed a little snooze after watching a DVD performed 5 times better on a memory test, found a German study.
  4. You’ll be more creative: When your imagination isn’t where you’d like it to be, try taking a small nap for inspiration. Deep sleep, or REM sleep is the stage of sleep where dreaming occurs, giving you more ideas to tackle problem-solving.
  5. You’ll reduce your heart disease risk: According to a study of 23,000 Greek adults, midday naps support heart health, and can make you 30% less likely to die of heart disease.
  6. Your patience will increase: Waiting can be hard to do, but regularly taking naps can help you be more patient in sticking to a task and ease your frustration as you power through.
  7. All you need is 10 minutes: Don’t think you are a great napper? That’s okay! A 2007 study found that simply lying down for 10 minutes without fall asleep can still improve your mood.

What are you waiting for? Make time for a 10-20 minute nap today to feel the wonderful effects that it can add to your life.

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