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7 Tips to Maximize Your Sleep Quality Every Night

7 Tips to Maximize Your Sleep Quality Every Night

Are you truly ready to enjoy more quality sleep? Accomplishing your goals on poor sleep can be challenging, and keep you in a sour mood. However, science tells us that humans reach optimal performance levels by consistently getting enough quality shut-eye, making it easier to obtain a promotion a work, hit weight loss goals and even improve communication in relationships.

To get started on changing your life with the help of great sleep, try these great tips shared by The Huffington Post tonight:

  1. Make sleep number one: Sleep is often overlooked, but numerous studies have linked poor sleep to many serious health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, obesity, cancer, diabetes, dementia later in life and even an earlier death. Your risk of being in a traffic accident, making risky decisions, and poorly dealing with stress also increases.
  2. Rule out medical conditions: Sleep disorders, along with nasal, urinary, and digestive conditions can diminish the quality of your snooze. Get a check-up to scratch anything off your list that could be impacting your sleep.
  3. Know how much sleep you need: This one can be a little tricky with so many factors such as artificial light, caffeine, and alcohol affecting your circadian rhythm, or 24-hour biological clock. While maintaining healthy sleep habits, tuck in 30 minutes earlier each night until you feel refreshed in the mornings, as your body clock gets back on track. Most adults need 7-9 hours of snooze every night to be at their best.
  4. Fight temptations: Sticking to great habits can be challenging, especially when you’ve got entertainment lined up on Netflix, full social calendar and plenty of notifications to skim through on Instagram and Facebook. However, remember why sleep is important and how great you feel when you get rejuvenating sleep.
  5. Shut down at the right time: At least 90 minutes before your bedtime put away electronics and begin your soothing bedtime routine, including relaxing activities such as taking a warm bath, reading, praying and/or stretching. Set an alarm to remind you when to start your routine, and another to keep you on time with tuck in. Studies show that consistency matters for quality shut-eye.
  6. Learn sleep-promoting yoga poses: While yoga isn’t for everyone, restorative poses could be just what you need to wind down at the end of a stressful day. Commit to learning just 4 restorative poses that promote relaxation for calmer nights.
  7. Practice meditation: The mind is a powerful tool to take advantage of for better snooze. Try adding guided visualization, mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises and other forms of mediation to find out what eases your stress before bedtime, including it in your bedtime routine, or use them to fall asleep faster as you tuck in.

Don’t let sleepless nights negatively impact your life! Embrace the joy and benefits of quality snooze for higher productivity, boosted creativity, brighter days and the energy to accomplish all your dreams!



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