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5 Foods That Make You Sleepy at Work

5 Foods That Make You Sleepy at Work

Do you think about sleep when you plan your daily menu? If you have been experiencing low energy throughout the day, it may be a good time to consider your eating habits.

According to The Huffington Post, these foods can bring on some unwanted Zzzs right in the middle of you trying to power through your work day:

  • Your lonely, lunch salad: With your eye on your summer body prize, you may not have noticed a slump in energy after eating a plain salad loaded with veggies as you skip the protein and carbs. The problem is you aren’t providing your body with enough calories to keep your energy up. Choosing a dressing that is high in sugar such as honey mustard, will also lead to an extra energy crash later.
  • Yogurt and string cheese: While dairy may have done your body good in your younger years, intolerances to its proteins can slow your energy in older age. While the cause isn’t clear, it is theorized that the body mistakenly supplies an army of antibodies to fight the proteins, leading to you feel the strain of fatigue. Take to your doctor about an elimination diet if you notice that dairy makes you sleepy.
  • Your late dinner from last night: It may seem strange that your last meal is affecting you now, but eating a big meal right before bedtime is a bad idea. Not only will you increase your chances of poor sleep with acid reflux and other indigestive disturbances, you’ll have to drag yourself through the day as a result. Do your best to eat at least 4 hours before bed if you have a sensitive tummy and stick to non-acidic or alkaline foods around this time.
  • Nuts and Bananas: The magnesium-rich foods are perfect for aiding muscle cramps and satisfying bedtime snack cravings as they help you boost your snooze. While the amount of magnesium it takes to make a person sleepy differs, you’ll feel the effects more quickly if are running low on magnesium already.
  • Your occasional sweet, sugary treat: If you are maintaining a low-fat, low sugar diet, there is a major side effect when you give in to your sweet tooth every once in awhile. Over time, your body produces less of the enzymes and gastric juices needed to help you digest fat and sugar easily. You may have thought you’d get an afternoon pick-me-up, but it’s likely you’ll experience an energy lag.

Adding more sleep-promoting foods to your diet can have a positive impact your nighttime slumber, but don’t forget about practicing healthy sleep habits before bed. Turn those electronics early, take a warm bath and make your bedroom is cold, dark and quiet for deeper sleep tonight!


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