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5 Ways to Boost Your Sleep Through Your Diet

5 Ways to Boost Your Sleep Through Your Diet

Falling asleep may be easy, but obtaining fulfilling, deep sleep can be a bit more challenging. Physicians now recognize that the quality of your sleep is just as important as how you long snooze, with many critical body and brain-boosting benefits occurring during deep and REM sleep.

According to author, inventor, entrepreneur and biohacker Dave Asprey, it’s completely possible to achieve greater sleep quality overtime by following the anti-flammatory eating guidelines in his book The Bulletproof Diet. Here what he recommended in an article he penned for The Huffington Post:

1. Don’t hold back on the fats at dinner: Eating enough healthy fats provides your body and mind with much needed fuel. Incorporate coconut oil, animal fat, grass-fed butter and extra concentrated MCT oil into your menu.

2. Take raw honey before bed: Since your brain uses a lot of energy at night to get you ready for the next day, raising your blood glucose helps it function more effectively. Eating a little honey by itself will do the trick, quickly putting you into a deeper sleep.

3. Consume the right proteins at the right time: Protein is needed for effective immune function and muscle repair, with plenty of work taking place during your phase of deep sleep. Ensuring that your proteins are well-digested before you get bed will prevent sleep disruptions. Try taking 1-2 tablespoons of hydrolyzed grass-fed collagen peptide before climbing into bed.

4. Cut off coffee early in the day: While you may need an afternoon pick-me-up, caffeine remains in your body far later than you’d like, pushing your bedtime back. Make your last cup of coffee 8 hours before your bedtime or before 2 pm.

5. Fuel with fish oil or low-mercury krill: Fish oil contains an omega-3 fatty acid called DHA, which improves your mood,  protects brain function, increases muscle growth, reduces depression and anxiety and boosts insulin sensitivity. Asprey recommends 1 gram of krill or fish oil with dinner or at bedtime to lower stress hormones that interfere with your snooze.

While improving your diet is a great place to start in sleeping better, don’t forget the rest of good sleep hygiene, including keeping your room dark, cool and quiet. Winding down with a relaxing routine before your bedtime is will also help ease the day’s stresses, bringing you better quality shut-eye.

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