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Self Administered Therapy May Provide Insomnia Relief

Suffering from a long-term disease or illness can often lead to insomnia and chronic insomnia symptoms in the elderly. However, a little education on sleep health and hygiene can noticeably improve their quality of sleep. A study shows that long-term sufferers of osteoporosis and other diseases benefited from some basic education on sleep hygiene, administered […]

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Magnetic Brain Therapy Treats Depression Without Negatively Affecting Sleep

One of the major signs and symptoms of depression is insomnia, or trouble sleeping.  It occurs in 50-90% of depressed patients, and it occurs not only because of depression but also the traditional treatment. Many antidepressants prescribed today can stimulate the patient, making it hard to sleep, or they cause fatigue during the day, disrupting sleep […]

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Power Naps Use Brain Differently Than Previously Thought

A new study suggests that while a body takes a short nap, short of deep sleep, the right-brain is actively performing tasks and becomes more engaged than normal. Researchers expected that because 87% of the participants were right-handed, the left brain would become more integrated, since right-handed individuals normally are. However, the results were consistent […]

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