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Disrupted Sleep Schedule Linked to Gene’s Circadian Rhythm

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Sleep has been proven by numerous studies to affect our overall health in various ways. Our natural 24-hour circadian rhythm, or organic body clock, is a huge piece of the sleep puzzle. People who have inconsistent work schedules or experience jet lag often, don’t feel their best because of their body clock being out of sync. A new study has reinforced the importance of our sleep schedules in connection to our genes.

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Surrey, and involved 22 participants. The participants had their days set to 28-hour days, instead of the normal 24-hour day. Sleep-wake cycles were delayed about 4 hours each day, until their sleep cycles were offset by 12 hours compared to their normal schedules. The patients’ blood samples– taken over the course of the study –were able to help researchers monitor the genes’ circadian rhythm.

The results showed that more than 97% of rhythmic genes fell out of sync due to a disrupted sleep schedule. A previous study conducted by U.K. researchers was able to demonstrate that more than 700 genes experienced changes due to poor sleep.

Remember that your life should be never become so busy that you forget the importance of sleep. Make sure you get 7-9 hours of sleep every night to look and feel your best! Sleep is often underrated; it can be crucial to your success!

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