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Sleep Deprived? Things You Should Avoid Today

Sleep Deprived? Things You Should Avoid Today

A lack of sleep is commonly known to cause fatigue, forgetfulness and a bad mood. However, that’s just the start of how bad your day can get, all thanks to sleep loss. Sleep deprivation puts you on the path of missteps, possibly leading to bad decisions and potentially dangerous situations. To keep you from turning your bad day into a living nightmare, here is a list of things to avoid when you haven’t collected enough snooze:

Driving: Drowsy driving is just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. According to research, both sleepy and drunk drivers are twice as likely to be the cause of an accident. Experimental studies claim that 4 hours of sleep loss equals the same amount of impairment that would come from drinking a 6-pack.

Making Important Decisions: Today is not the day to sign a lease, quit your job or break up with your significant other. A 2011 study revealed that after sleep deprivation, there is increased activity in the areas of the brain that weigh positive outcomes, and decreased activity in areas that weigh negative outcomes. This means in reality, you cannot analyze the pros and cons of decisions.

A Grocery Shopping Trip: Sleep deprived people are more likely to purchase more high-calorie items and purchase more groceries overall. Self control and the decision making process are diminished, leading to weight gain and regret.

Shopping Online: With you impulsiveness in overdrive, it’s safe to say that you may end regret your online shopping trip the next day. Hold off on that designer bag or pair of shoes until you’ve had enough sleep.

Reaching For An Energy Drink: It can be tempting to want a boost to get through the day but, this caffeine jolt contains tremendous amounts of sugar and some may contain very little caffeine. Drinking one too late in the day may also keep you up too late at night, restarting your sleep deprivation cycle.

Boasting About Your Lack Of Sleep:
 Ending the cycle of “sleep deprivation one-upmanship,” is extremely important. You may think are powerful and fully functioning on too little hours of sleep but, the reality is you are putting your health and the lives of others at risk. Be a part of positive sleep conversations today.

Having a Short Temper: Sleep deprivation causes you to be in a highly emotional state. Your responses are more likely to inappropriate and irrational in an argument. USA Today reported that, a 2007 study found that the brains of sleep-deprived people are 60% more reactive to negative, disturbing images.

It is important to realize how significant of a role that sleep has in your life. It protects you health, strengthens memories, creates more opportunity for positive relationship and keeps you looking your best. Start your day off in the perfect direction by sleeping 7-9 hours every night!

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