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What Your Dreams May Be Telling You

What Your Dreams May Be Telling You

Have you been puzzled by your dreams lately? You certainly aren’t alone, as millions of people around the world strive to learn what their nighttime adventures are trying to tell them.

Recently, The Huffington Post sat down with Jungian psychotherapist Carder Stout to get some insight to the meaning of some of the most common dream scenario. Here’s what we learned:

Being pregnant: According to Stout, this is a symbol of new energy, new ideas or a new life. You may be going in a new direction or transforming a significant aspect of your life.

Your ex: This doesn’t mean you want to get back together. When you dream about a specific person, their presence suggests that the person is representing a particular aspect of yourself. Consider what they meant to you, their qualities, and what they remind you of. For example, if your ex was religious, you may be dreaming of your own personal spiritual journey.

Your teeth falling out: While disturbing, this kind of dream is fairly common. Stout says that your teeth falling out, is simply represents a transitional period in your life. Going through a phase, or creating a lot of change that you feel anxiety about can lead to a teeth dream.

Having an affair: The core of these dreams is about you being dishonest with yourself. You may be suppressing an emotion, or not giving attention to a personal need. Consider what you may be selling yourself short on.

Animals: As animals represent different things to different cultures, start by asking what influences you. For example, if you dream of a snake: Do you have a pet snake? Have you seen one lately? What do snakes mean to you? To some snakes represent regeneration, deception, power or other mystical elements.

School or work: Dreaming about being late, unprepared or failing a test, just means that you may feel vulnerable or afraid of not being your best. You could also have a fear of your co-workers or classmates seeing the real you.

While dreams are still a mystery to us, but we’ve enjoyed reading some interesting theories. Try writing down your dreams when you first wake up as you’ll remember them better, and have fun exploring your trips to dreamland with 7-9 hours of quality snooze every night!

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