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What Happens to Your Mind and Body While You Sleep


What exactly goes on while we sleep? It’s question that we’ve wondered ourselves as we know that quality sleep is vital to our health and lifestyle in many fascinating ways. According to, each night some very interesting processes take place that are also vital to our overall well-being. Here’s what learned about what’s taking place during shut-eye:

Stages of sleep:

First up there are four stages of non-rapid movement sleep: Light sleep, followed by the onset of sleeping, and then last 2 stages are deep sleep. Afterwards, you began to enter REM sleep. Each night you cycle through non-REM sleep and REM sleep several times.

The importance of quality snooze isn’t missed on these processes:

  • Hunger: There is a scientific reason why you feel both hungry and tired at the same time. While you sleep, your hormone leptin increases, while your hormone ghrelin levels decrease. Leptin tells you that you are hungry; while ghrelin lets you know you are full.
  • Creativity: Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep makes up about 25% of an adult’s total sleep time. This stage of snooze is associated with having great ideas in the mornings or when you are half awake, as well as your ability to process worrisome information.
  • Physical Restoration: As you enter deep sleep, muscles and tissues are repaired, stress hormones decrease, brain waves slow down, and your blood pressure drops as more blood is directed to the muscles throughout your body.
  • Happiness: Not only is your body refreshed during sleep, but your mind as well. Poor sleep has been linked to depression by numerous studies around the world, with sleep disruption found to be presented in nearly all psychiatric disorders. Sleep experts recommend treating both depression and sleep issues at the same time in order to effectively boost sleep quality.

Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night to boost their overall quality of life. Make each morning your best with deeper, rejuvenating sleep every night!


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