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How to Help Your Significant Other Enjoy Quality Sleep

How to Help Your Significant Other Enjoy Quality Sleep

Ask your significant other or spouse how they have been sleeping lately. Poor sleep isn’t just linked serious health risks such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes, but it also hurts your productivity at work and can strain your relationships with the people you love. To help your partner improve their shut-eye and enjoy the benfits of quality sleep yourself, try these easy tips suggested by

  • Solve snoring problems: If you snore, researchers have found that you could be waking up your partner as many as 21 times a night. To reduce snoring, try sleeping on your side to help keep your airway open. You should also consider speaking with a licensed physician if you are experiencing daytime sleepiness, fatigue, and/or morning headaches, as you may have sleep apnea, a chronic sleep disorder.
  • Invest in a quality mattress: If you move frequently throughout the night, you could be disturbing your spouse. Test out memory foam mattresses, which are popular for their ability to absorb movement to help eliminate nighttime disturbances as well as boost comfort and support. Buying a larger sized mattress can also give both you and your significant other the extra roll room you need to get comfortable.
  • Tidy up your bedroom: Picking up dirty laundry, taking out clutter, changing your bedding and bring in the lovely scent of lavender can lead to deeper snooze. Lavender has been shown to help people fall asleep faster and reduce nighttime awakenings, while maintain a clean bedroom also you both relax easier.
  • Kick your work out of the bedroom: Working in the bedroom doesn’t just increase your chances of insomnia, but it can negatively impact your partner’s sleep as well. If you are using your laptop or smartphone, noisy notifications and exposure blue light can reduce the production of melatonin, pushing the bedtime back of you and your spouse. For more quality sleep, remember to only use your bedroom for sleep and intimacy.

The journey to better sleep may not be easy, but having a strong support system in your partner can help you stick to your commitment. Work together to develop a soothing bedtime routine and discuss how you can compromise if you have conflicting schedules. To learn more about sleep and sharing a bed with your significant other, click here!

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