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How to Get Quality Sleep Away from Home

How to Get Quality Sleep Away from Home

While there is no better feeling than sleeping in your own bed, sometimes life forces us to take a snooze in some uncomfortable places. Learning how to take advantage of sleep in any situation can boost your energy, productivity and protect your health. A recent study even found that a 30 minute nap can strengthen your immune system and relieve stress.

Check out Fast Company’s list of amazing ideas to maximize your sleep away from home:


1. Dress down: Embrace elastic and travel comfortably, opting for yoga pants, sweats or other material that will allow flexible movement for optimal comfort during your snooze. Carry on your work attire along with some wrinkle-releasing spray for a quick change when you reach your destination.

2. Take advantage of pillows: Those U-shape pillows may be a little off putting, but wearing one backwards will increase your comfort and keep your head from bobbing forward. Inflatable pillows are also a great choice as they allow you to adjust to your softness needs.

3. Watch your diet and liquids: Spicy foods and alcohol should be avoided for quality sleep as they’ll encourage acid reflux and sleep disruptions. If you are considering a sleep aid, test it before you trip to ensure you’ll give yourself enough time to sleep it off.

4. Dress in layers: This handy tip help you control your optimal sleep temperature. Plus, if your travel plans hit a few hiccups you can easily make a pillow out of rolled up clothing and covering your face can relieve some of the anxiety about sleeping in public.


1. Bring your own pillowcase: There is nothing like the comfort of home and avoiding the funny smelling bedding at some hotels keep allergies away and maximum your shut-eye.

2. Keep air circulating: Crack open a window to air out any stuffy smells. If that isn’t an option, bring along a small fan to keep air moving and it’ll serve as the perfect machine for white noise, promoting deeper sleep without being woken up by elevators and loud hallway conversations.

3. Don’t be shy about your needs: Proper sleep is essential to your well-being, so don’t hesitate to ask for a room away from the ice machine, more pillows, an extra comforter or even a new room away from traffic.


1. Make sure your naps are company approved: Many companies are recognizing the positive effect that sleep has on productivity. However, if your 9 to 5 doesn’t allow for a scheduled nap, spending 20-30 minutes of your lunch break napping is worth it!

2. Find the right spot: Try to an available conference room, phone room or embrace the comfort of your own office. Just don’t forget to place a “Do Not Disturb” sticky note on the door.

3. Set an alarm: Taking too long of a nap will leave you feeling groggy and more exhausted than before your snooze. To sharpen your motor and attention skills, aim for napping between 20-60 minutes.

4. Don’t encourage insomnia: The same rules of sleep hygiene at home apply. If you can’t sleep after 15 minutes of being tucked in, get up walk around, stretch, or read a book. Just remember to keep the lights low and the room cold.


On the poor chance that you have no choice but to sleep in public, remember to stay near staffed counters and avoid dark corners if you are alone to stay safe and ward off thieves. Keep your items close and don’t be afraid to ask the staff for a cot or for some suggestions.

Wherever you decide to nap, do your best to maximize the short amount of time you have available. Where’s your favorite place to take a nap?

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