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Share a great photo of your bedroom set on social media

If you’ve ever yearned to live inside that perfect snapshot of fresh linens, billowy curtains and planters placed just like so, you’ve succumbed to Insta-envy. Even the photos that look like they are candid snapshots somehow portray that effortless happiness we all crave. Images like these are the very visual representation of a fashionably put-together life.

Social media does a really great job at tugging at your heartstrings (and your purse strings), but you don’t have to fall prey to the fear of missing out. You can have an Instagram-ready bedroom as well! Just follow these few tips before you load up on the filters, and you will be the object of others’ envy in no time at all.

  • Wake up fresh faced – When you think of the most whimsical Instagram posts, they all seem to have that airy, clean look. Use crisp linens, flowing curtains and a lot of natural light to get that effortlessly clean look you’re aiming for. Open all of your windows and just let the sunlight pour in.
  • Add pops of color – Bedrooms should be neutral spaces that are calm and inviting, but they also need a little pizazz. Find accent pieces that really stand out against the clean backdrop.
  • Play with texture – Don’t stick to one palate. Mirrors, faux fur accents, fabrics and wood all mix together to provide intrigue.
  • Make it yours – Hundreds of Instagram photos look eerily similar, so make yours stand out with a stamp of your personality. Showcase your favorite hobbies, collections or colors — the things that make you unique.

Whether you want to show off your new bedroom furniture or you just want to give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your life, a glimpse inside your bedroom is sure to get a few extra “likes.”

Beautiful Furniture, Beautiful Pictures!

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