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Sleep Better When You Travel With These Tips

It’s the first night of an important business trip, and you’re tossing and turning on a lumpy hotel-room bed. You’re on vacation and have a long, eventful day planned for tomorrow, but your feet are hanging off the edge of the couch your friend generously offered. Whether you’re dealing with tight, scratchy sheets at a hotel or the loud hum of a radiator in your in-laws’ basement, sleeping away from home can take some getting used to. But with a few tricks, you can get a great night’s sleep anywhere.

Prepare and pack smart

If you’re staying in a hotel, check out pictures online before you get there. Ask for a room on a quieter floor and have a sleep kit that includes a mask, earplugs and anything else you might need during the night. Do you have a favorite stuffed animal or pair of slippers? Put them on your packing list. You can even download a white noise app, like Sleep Machine or Lightning Bug, on your phone to block out any undesirable noise.

Stick to your routine

If you like to read a chapter from your book, watch an episode of your favorite TV show, or listen to soft music before bed, make sure you can do that wherever you’re traveling. Bring your book, and download your shows and music onto your phone or tablet.

Bring A pillow or pillowcase

When you’re in a strange place, having a familiar item will help you feel at ease. If you have room in your suitcase, bringing your own pillow from home can help you feel comfortable when you are away from home. Scents and fragrances are important, and an unfamiliar smell can make it difficult to sleep.

Sleeping away from home can be difficult, but with these tips you’ll get a good night’s rest no matter where you lay your head.

Sleep Better When Travelling

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