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Survey: How Americans Slept in 2013

Survey: How Americans Slept in 2013

Are you among the nearly half of Americans who aren’t getting the recommended amount of sleep? According to a new Gallup report, 2 in 5 Americans haven’t been sleeping at least 7 hours or more.

Based on surveying 1,031 adults in the US, the researchers found that 59% of Americans reported getting at least 7 hours of sleep in 2013. That number says a lot about how American life has changed, compared to when 84% of Americans said they slept at least 7 hours a night in 1942.

Other findings included:

-Only 5% of Americans sleep more than 9 hours a night
-29% of Americans get 8 hours of sleep every night
-25% of Americans always get 7 hours of sleep a night
-26% of Americans reported sleeping only 6 hours a night
-14% of Americans sleep for 5 hours or less a night

An unsurprising find was that most people who did not sleep at least 7 hours of night reported that they thought they would feel better if they got more sleep. Factors that played a role in people sleeping less were being parents, and having a lower income.

Set a goal to sleep more this year! You can’t go wrong with better health, more energy, a better attitude and more saved memories! Spread the word that sleep is the way to go!

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