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Unexpected Habits That May Be Disrupting Your Sleep

Unexpected Habits That May Be Disrupting Your Sleep

Want to wake up more energetic, optimistic, and add a boost to your productivity? Well then, finding out how to sleep better ought to be a top priority! You may feel like you have tried everything but, these sneaky habits may have more of a role in your bad nights of sleep than you realize:

1. An Inconsistent Diet: Switching back forth from eating a balanced dinner to happy hour and greasy foods can wreck your sleep. Research has shown that stay consistent with the timing of your dinner and what’s in your diet can curb sleep disruption.

2. Minty Fresh Breath: Of course you don’t want to go to bed with bad breath, but studies suggest that changing your toothpaste may work wonders. The scent of peppermint has been found to stimulate the brain and make you more alert.

3. Your Good Book: You may think that trading in watching late-night TV for a book will guarantee you a good night’s rest but, there is more to the story. Choosing an exciting, emotional and intellectually demanding book may cause you to sleep poorly. Stick to light reading instead such an entertainment magazine.

4. Cold Water Preference: Your nightly beauty routine of washing your face with cold water to close your pores does have a down side. The cold water stimulates the body to release energy to warm you up, leading you stay awake longer.

5. Charging Your Electronics: Blue light significantly interrupts your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. That tiny spec of light that indicates your device is charging is bright enough to cause sleep problems.

6. You Get Warm and Cozy: At the start of your sleep, being in a warm bed may seem relaxing but at night your body temperature increases. To avoid overheating, keep your room cool or use lighter blankets, especially if you sleep with a partner or a pet.

7. Your Love For Lemons: A hot cup of tea can be the perfect way to end your night, just remember to skip the lemon. The scent of citrus fruits such as lemons, may boost mental stimulation and energy levels. Also, avoid using lemon scent detergents and fabric softeners on your bedding.

8. Nightly Medication: Taking pills before bed is easier to remember for some people but, it does have its consequences. Vitamins such as B6 and B12, steroids and other medications may be disrupting your sleep. Talk to your doctor about your prescription if you find yourself sleeping poorly.

9. You Don’t DVR: Having DVR may cause you to watch more TV but, at least you are more likely to watch your favorite shows at a more appropriate time. Schedule your TV time for early in the evening or on the weekends.

Many times the reason why we can’t sleep is a factor that we can control. Try using a sleep diary to see which habits may be affecting your sleep and make changes. Put sleep at the top of your list and success will follow!

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