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Take Control of Your Dreams While You Snooze!

Take Control of Your Dreams While You Snooze!

Why do we dream? While there are many theories regarding why we dream, researchers recognize that many people can experience their nighttime adventures in a very personal way.

Lucid dreaming is the incredible ability to be aware you’re dreaming while you are in a the dream state. These sleepers wake up during their dreams, with the option to explore and even alter the current dream.

According to The Huffington Post, some people have lucid dreaming down naturally, but the rest of us have to put a little effort in to potentially strengthen our ability. Here’s what the site recommends:

Keep a dream journal: The more you write down your dream adventures, the more patterns you’ll notice regarding similar topics you often dream about. You may frequently dream of an old pet, your mother, your first car, a stop sign or the ocean—it could be anything. What’s more important is that you recognize the common element of your dream as dream signs. These dream signs are actually personal landmarks that you can identify as you sleep to better recognize that a dream is talking place. Keep a list of dream signs to better train your subconscious.

Prepare yourself to recognize dreaming: Throughout the day frequently ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” Overtime, you will begin to ask yourself that same question during dreams, becoming more suspicious of the dream reality. Soon you’ll perform a reality check and really take in your surroundings to better recognize when you are inside of a dream.

Plan lucid dreaming activities: To make the most of your lucid dreaming abilities, have an idea of what you’d like to try. Most lucid dreamers report that flying is the most exhilarating experience, and that walking through solid objects is the easiest to accomplish. Nothing is off-limits in the dream world.

Appreciate the benefits of lucid dreaming: Dreams can alert you to problems, and lead you to better solutions than you may have come up with when awake. Record your own interpretations of your dreams and how they make you feel to get more in tune with what your subconscious may be saying.

Improve your ability to recall your dreams and then take the next step in ultimate dream control! Try your hand at lucid dreaming to reduce anxiety during nightmares, have a little fun as you snooze, solve real problems and inspire more creativity! We’d love to hear all about your adventures in the comments below!

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