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Tart Cherry Juice May Provide Some Insomnia Relief


Are you battling insomnia? According to Medical News Today, researchers from the University of Rochester, University of Pennsylvania and the VA Center of Canandaigua found that their study participants with insomnia saw improvements in their condition after consuming tart cherry juice regularly.

After drinking 8 ounces of cherry juice for 2 weeks in the mornings and evenings, the participants saved an average of 17 minutes of wake time trying to fall asleep. After 2 weeks drinking a juice without cherries in it, their symptoms returned to normal.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects roughly 40 million people regularly and another 20 million on occasion. It can put the health and well-being of the sufferers and those around them at stake, including an increase risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, drowsy driving, work accidents, dementia and even an earlier death.

The researchers believe that cherry’s naturally high melatonin content may be responsible for improving the sleep quality of those individuals, as well as helping the sleep-wake cycle stay on track.

Although melatonin supplements are available, cherries contain antioxidants as well, making them a great natural choice for drowsiness at night and wakefulness during the day. As our bodies naturally produce melatonin as well, you may also experience better muscle recovery, reduced inflammation and a reduced risk for age-related conditions.

Enjoy your very own tart cherry juice for a few weeks as you record your sleep duration and quality in a journal, as well as your daily diet and physical activities. You’ll be surprised at the deeper sleep you may be enjoying every night of the week!

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