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5 Foods to Scratch Off Your Late Night Menu

5 Foods to Scratch Off Your Late Night Menu

There is power in the foods that we eat, especially those consumed closer to our bedtimes. If you have been experiencing tossing and turning, or can’t seem to get to bed on time, you may need to consider your dinner menu and late night snack choices.

According to Cooking Light, these foods should be avoided if you want to experience the high-quality sleep you deserve:

  • Cereal: Not all cereal choices are bad, it’s only when we choose high-sugar, low-fiber options that we are more likely to experience disrupted sleep. The spike in your blood sugar may lead you to wake up starving after a few hours, or have a seriously growling tummy in the morning.

  • Thai or Mexican Food: While Houston offers plenty of tasty, diverse dining options, not all dinner choices are great for sleep. Keep in mind that many of our favorite ethnic foods are often packed with calories, fat, and delicious spices –leading to heartburn, acid reflux and other uncomfortable indigestions issues during your shut-eye.

  • Burger and French Fries: This popular heavy, greasy dinner choice is definitely high in fat and calories, but it also takes some time to digest. Eating foods such as burgers, pizza, and other high-fat, greasy meals late too close to your bedtime can leave you feeling sluggish and tired in the mornings.

  • Chocolate: Unfortunately, not all does chocolate have sugar and calories, it has caffeine. If you already sensitive to its stimulating effects, you may find your bedtime pushed back further than expected. To put an end to your sweet cravings, try enjoying a cup of hot tea or a small glass of low-fat chocolate milk.

  • Soda: As one of America’s biggest culprits of empty calories and loaded sugar, soda isn’t a great choice for a healthy diet and it definitely isn’t going to help you get to dreamland any faster. Even a sugar-free diet soda is enough to bring on heartburn and upset your tummy.

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