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Block out Light for Better Sleep

It’s no secret that one of the components of a good night’s sleep is a dark, cool room. But not everyone gets that luxury.
Even a bright alarm clock can put out enough light to be detected through closed eyelids. In fact, over 26 percent of workers in the U.S. work odd hours and plan to sleep when the sun is at its peak. And if you’re a late riser, the morning sunrise often disturbs you before you’re ready to wake up.

So how do you keep the light out so you can catch those all important Zs? We have some solutions for you:

Room darkening curtains

You can find “blackout curtains,” which are usually made of thicker fabrics with liners that help block out light. You can even find “thermal curtains,” which block out the light and keep warm air inside, keeping your utility bill in check.

Bed tent

If curtains don’t do the trick, a company called Privacy Pop has another solution. The Bed Tent is just what it sounds like – a tent you put over your bed. With zipper doors on both sides, a bed tent closes up just like the camping variety. And don’t worry about getting enough air. With mesh windows on the top and bottom, the bed tent provides plenty of air flow.

Transform your bed into a secret hideout with the Bed Tent!

Transform your bed into a secret hideout with the Bed Tent!

Don’t let the sun and light pollution keep you from getting the rest you need. Use these ideas to sleep better whether you work the night shift or just like to stay in bed late on the weekends.

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