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Celebrate The New Year

For many, a New Year’s Eve celebration is not complete without good friends and fun times. But with an all night celebration, comes the difficulty of staying up all night! This can be a challenge when you are used to a regular 9 to 5 schedule.

Since most jobs don’t let employees have January 1st off to recover, how can you stay awake without destroying your regular sleep schedule?

Sleep well the night before.

Make sure that you get a solid night’s sleep before the party night. Starting the night well rested and alert will help you stay up until midnight.

Eat Good Meals

Party food can be delicious, but it is not usually healthy. Eating right before the big celebration will give your body the energy it needs to stay alert.

Eat healthy foods for more energy!

Eat healthy foods for more energy!

Take a Nap

If you can, a short nap before the party or even the afternoon after can be a good idea. Make sure you don’t sleep too much though since this can through off your entire sleep schedule.

Drink in Moderation

The traditional midnight toast can be a great way to ring in the new year. Consuming alcohol in moderation will help you stay awake throughout the night. Additionally, you won’t suffer extreme consequences the next day if you simply drink a bit less the night before.

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