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Do I Need a Boxspring?

Will a Boxspring Help me Sleep Better?

Many people just assume they need a boxspring. It goes with a mattress like socks go with shoes. Others are a little more skeptical. Why do you need a crate-like box beneath your mattress?

In the end, you have to put your mattress on something, and a box spring essentially serves as a foundation for your mattress. But increasingly, modern frame and bed designs seem to be phasing out box springs.

The two most common questions we hear are: Do you need a box spring with a memory foam mattress, or do you need a boxspring with a platform bed?

The short answer is no and yes.

Combining style and function, a platform bed is comfortable and creates a sleek appearance. The mattress rests on a foundation that usually consists of slated boards. For maximum support, the slats should be no more than two inches apart.

Now, whether you should put your memory foam mattress on a boxspring is less cut and dried. The major concern is that memory foam mattresses are quite heavy and thus require a very sturdy boxspring. Because memory foam mattresses require a very rigid base to rest on, people often opt for alternative foundations, such a rigid bunkie board.

Ultimately, a boxspring is there to provide support, countering the “give” in the mattress and preventing it from sagging. Whatever kind of mattress you have, make sure you have proper support beneath it. Doing so will prolong its life and provide you with more restful sleep. If you have questions about a specific type of mattress and bed frame, a Gallery Furniture Sleep Expert is available 7 days a week at all three locations to help you! Or you can chat with a live Gallery Furniture Sleep Expert on the website.



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