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How to Get Better Dreams for More Refreshing Mornings

How to Get Better Dreams for Refreshing Mornings

It’s refreshing and exciting when you wake up from a great dream ready to begin your day. According to Yahoo Health, dreams add something special, boosting your morning mood, productivity and are good for your health. Try these sleep expert approved tips to ease your subconscious, relax your body and make more amazing trips to the land of dreams:

1. Eat and drink at the right time: If your stomach is too full and your brain is too wired, a night of tossing and turning is probably in your future. Eliminate caffeine consumption during afternoons and evenings, as well as avoid spicy and high-fat foods at dinner to prevent sleep disruptions and nightmares.

2. Upgrade your bedroom: Keeping your bedroom clutter-free makes for a stress-free environment that can help send you off to dreamland. Put away clothes, light candles, make you bed and keep your surfaces clear and clean. One German study even found that women who smell a rosy scent during their REM sleep phase had good dreams, while those who smelled rotten eggs had bad dreams.

3. Write down your thoughts
: Don’t bring your day’s stressors into your bed; your dreams will reflect your intense day and emotions. And the more you try to suppress those unwanted thoughts, the more likely they’ll take over your mind, according to research conducted by Goethe University Frankfurt last year. Instead, write down all of your worries and thoughts, possible solutions and what you plan to accomplish the next day. You can even include a dream request for the night.

4. Tea up and unplug: Lavender and chamomile teas are great choices to include in your bedtime routine. Clinical health psychologist Dr. Lauren Ampolos also recommends taking a magnesium supplement as you get ready for snooze. And as always, don’t forget to put away all electronics at least an hour before you bedtime, including your smartphone and turn off the TV.

5. Play a soundscape According to a 2 year study by researchers at the University of Hertfordshire, creating your perfect dream could be as simple as downloading an app to play in the background as you sleep. Their results showed that beach-inspired sounds lead to dreams about the feeling the sun, while nature-inspired sounds lead to dreams of flowers and greenery,

While researchers aren’t exactly sure  why we dream, we know that dreams are a method our bodies can use to tell us about our health, and that may outside factors influence them. Start relaxing early tonight to find out what your dreams may be sharing with you.

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