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How To Resist Your Warm Bed On Cold Mornings

How To Resist Your Warm Bed On Cold Mornings

The countdown to Spring maybe in effect but, it doesn’t change the fact that getting out of a bed on cold winter mornings are are still battles we must fight each morning.  Staying in bed more than you should can lead to frequent awakenings at night, decreased enthusiasm, and insomnia. To resist the urge to hibernate the rest of the winter, try these tips to get out of bed on time and ready to take on the day, while keeping your upcoming sleep in perfect order:

Be Aware Of Sleep Inertia: We can interpret Newton’s law, and apply it to sleep as such, “A body at rest stays at rest, while a body in motion stays in motion.” Continuously work to wake up in calmly . When you wake up suddenly, grogginess and fatigue can last for more than an hour due to your brain adjusting. Keep a regular sleep-wake schedule to prevent being sleep-deprived.

Invest In A Light Box: During winter time, we all try to avoid being outside for too long, which in turn prevents us from getting the natural light exposure we need. Natural sunlight helps keep our body clock in sync, including our sleep-wake cycle. Spending 30 minutes when you first wake up with a light box of 10,000 lux, will you help feel more energized early, and set you up for for better sleep at night.

Reward Yourself With Wake Up Incentives: It’s okay to bribe yourself to get out of bed. Sometimes the promise of a latte is enough to get you moving. Try new exercise classes or a new routine to get you excited to start your day. The more pleasurable activities in your life, the less likely you’ll want to sleep in.

Winter weather doesn’t mean you have to wake up with a frosty attitude. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night is the perfect way to keep your mornings energetic, productive, and optimistic!

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