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The 9 Most Sleep-Hindering Problems With Your Bedroom

The 9 Most Sleep-Hindering Problems With Your Bedroom

Take a look around your bedroom. Does it remind you that your laundry needs to be done, vacuuming wouldn’t hurt, and bring other stress-inducing thoughts to mind? Your bedroom should promote relaxation, peace and most important of all, sleep. Your bedroom sanctuary has a significant impact on your sleep quantity and quality. Distractions, noises, and even smells, can hold you back from getting the perfect snooze. Solve these bedroom stressors for better trips to dreamland:

It’s Distracting: Of course, TV time can be relaxing in bed, but be mindful of watching the late night news or violent shows before bedtime. The excitement may keep you up longer than intended and lead to bad dreams. Not mention that TVs emit blue light, which is known to delay the release of the sleep inducing hormone, melatonin.

The Colors Are Too Bright: Your bedroom should be a reflection of you, but if your favorite color is electric yellow, it may be hindering your sleep potential. Bright colors are exciting; the exact opposite of what a soothing bedroom should feel like. Trying going with blues, greens, or grays for a calming effect.

The Lighting Is Too Strong: It’s understandable not to want to bump into anything in the middle of the night. But, harsh lighting is simply uncomfortable and holds you back from deeper sleep.

It’s Too Hot: Don’t forget to go with lighter blankets if you normally get hot during the night. Try using natural fibers as they are more breathable material. Cooling your room down is the perfect way to achieve deeper sleep.

Clutter Is Everywhere: It can be tempting to move everything into your bedroom for organization, but you need to make sure that everything has its place. Add in storage bins, a hamper, or a jewelry box to keep things organized. You certainly don’t want to trip over anything during the night.

It’s Too Stuffy: You may want to consider adding plants to naturally purify the air or invest in an air purifier. Breathing easy will work wonders for your snooze.

Your Bedding Gives You The Blues: The right bedding is essential to getting quality sleep. When your fitted sheet continuously rolls up or your pillowcases cause issue, it holds you back from precious moments of shut-eye.

Your Mattress Works Against You: There is no shame in investing in a mattress that promotes comfort and sleep. Take your time trying out mattresses when you are ready to put your old one to rest.

You Can Hear Too Much Noise Outside: Investing in ways to reduce noise may be the key to helping you get the rest you need. A fan serves as both the perfect white noise machine and a great to keep cool at night. Also, don’t be afraid to try consistent nature sounds such as a waterfall or trees rustling.

Trying new things out in your bedroom can lead you to sleep you’ve never known. Start by deciding what bothers you the most, and try working out a solution. There is no such thing as wasted time when you’re working to better your sleep!

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