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5 Common Sleep Issues and How You Can Beat Them

5 Common Sleep Issues and How You Can Beat Them

Have you been experiencing any sleep issues lately? It’s important that you get back on track as a lack of sleep has been linked to chronic diseases and earlier death. Obtaining high-quality sleep isn’t the same for everyone, making it more difficult to figure out what’s the best plan to meet your sleep needs. However, Kamal Patel of the Daily Burn, has provided some great sleep solutions to some of the most common sleep issues we all struggle with from time to time.

Sleep Issue #1 Joint Pain: It’s hard to fall asleep when you are hurt, not to mention that a lack of sleep has been proven to make pain even worse. Try place a tennis ball inside the pocket of your shorts or pants on the side of your body that is in pain, discouraging accidental roll-overs during the night. Also, studies have shown that massages, even if you perform them on yourself, can help ease pain by increasing blood flow and reducing tension. If you are going to be experiencing pain on a long-term basis, it may be time to invest in an adjustable bed.

Sleep Issue #2 Nighttime Wake Up Sessions: Consistently waking up multiple times a night is a big problem as it cuts down your sleep duration and quality. Speak to a doctor if you just can’t seem to stay asleep, whether it’s due to frequent bathroom trips, sleep apnea or racing thoughts. Changing your prescription medication, light therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy or taking a little melatonin before bed may be what you need to start sleeping better.

Sleep Issue #3 Your Annoying Bed Partner: While most studies always make it seems like everyone sleeps alone, the majority of the population shares their bed with another person, and yes this can cause issues in your relationship. For the occasionally snoring, there are ear plugs and changing rooms, but if you suspect that your partner has sleep apnea, it’s important to encourage them to seek treatment immediately to reduce serious health risks and allow you both to get the benefits of sleep. On the other hand, if your problem with your partner is their annoying alarm clock going off before your scheduled wake up time, try investing in wrist band that monitors your sleep and fitness, most come with a gentle alarm that vibrates to wake the user.

Sleep Issue #4 Problem Thoughts You Can’t Escape: With a busy schedule throughout the day, it’s easy to allow your thoughts of worry to take over. There is no one solution to racing thoughts, but there are plenty of creative methods to try such as mindfulness, keeping a gratitude journal, and meditation. Scents have also been proven to help relax the minds of worriers at night, try lavender and lemon balm oils. Is your bedroom too quiet? Try white noise apps or bring in a fan.

Sleep Issue #5 An Uncomfortable Bedroom: Temperature, lighting, your mattress, pillows, pajamas, and covers all work together to impact the quality of your sleep. Keep your room dark, cool and free of distractions to promote sleep and stay comfortable throughout the night. For advice on how to set your bedroom up for success, click here!

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