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How to Create the Ultimate Sleep Haven

You are doing your best to cut back on caffeine, exercise in the morning and keeping your bedroom cool all in the name of sleep, but it still isn’t coming. While practicing great sleep hygiene is essential for your snooze, it may be time to evaluate your sleep environment and make some changes for a much needed sleep boost. Take a look at this very neat infographic provided by The Huffington Post below to easily assess what you may have missed.

The Perfect Sleep Haven Checklist:

1. Are your pets and cell phones out of the bed?
2. How does your mattress feel?
3. Have you tried adding in a fan or white noise machine?
4. Are your sheets and blankets too thick or itchy?
5. Have you tried wearing an eye mask or added in blackout shades?
6. Do you keep a worry journal or to-do list to ease your stress?
7. When was the last time you purchase new comfy pajamas to keep you cool?

If you have any trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, find yourself waking up too early or your sleep isn’t refreshing, it may be time to speak with a sleep specialist or physician to get back on track.

Obtaining high-quality sleep is just as important as how many hours you snooze. While some changes will bring you immediate results, others may take time to adjust to and have an impact. Stay patient and persistent in reaching your sleep goals. You can do it!

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