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7 Things Weird Pregnancy Dreams Are Telling You

7 Things Weird Pregnancy Dreams Are Telling You

I can certainly admit that in the wide range of topics regarding sleep, discussing dreams is a favorite. Not only can they help us become more creative, understand our inner feelings, but dreams can warn us of health issues.

During pregnancy, it’s common for women to have bizarre dreams that can lead to more worry. However, psychologist Alan Siegel has held dream workshops for pregnant women and is putting them at ease about their dreams. Check out some of his dream interpretations for common themes of pregnant women that we found on The Huffington Post:

1. Dreams about your baby’s gender: Of course, you can’t depend on your dreams to accurately tell you the sex of your baby, but it does indicate that you are thinking gender preferences and issues.

2. Dreams about conception: It’s very common for women to dream of metaphors regarding conception throughout pregnancy. As you get further along, the animals that represent your baby may get larger, signaling for you to get ready for birth.

3. Dreams about birth: During your third trimester, you may have more dreams about the actual birthing process. They may be bizarre, unrealistic and even quite morbid, such as seeing your baby’s hand come out from under your dress at lunch.  However, don’t worry, it just means you are worried or concerned about losing control and excited about your bundle of joy.

4. Dreams about birthing animals or inanimate objects: The puppies or Starbucks cup that you just gave birth to as you slept last night, doesn’t strike dream interpreters as strange. It’s another representation of your new baby and your instincts are preparing for the responsibilities and nurturing aspects of motherhood.

5. Dreams about being trapped: It’s also common for pregnant women to dream about being submerged in water or trapped with no way out. Siegel says that this represents the loss of freedom that naturally happens when people become parents. It’s your conscious realizing that parenthood is life-long even though you may be happy about being a Mom.

6. Dreams about forgetting your baby: While these dreams may lead to slight anxiety upon waking up, it’s just common worry. You may be stressed about your new responsibilities on the way. If you are worried about being prepared or competent, taking a parenting class or reading a book on the topic that has you the most concerned may ease those dreams.

7. Nightmares about being harmed or harm to your baby: Stress, uncertainty, fear and change can cause just about anyone to have nightmares. However, your nightmares may make it easier to discover the source of your worries.

During pregnancy, your hormones are all over the place, making for the perfect setting of bizarre dreams. After birth, your dream world should take things down a notch. For weird things that influence your dreams, click here!

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