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7 Bedtime Habits to Improve Your Mornings

13 Bedtime Habits to Improve Your Mornings

Waking up is hard to do when you haven’t gotten the proper sleep the night before. While being a morning person may not be in your genes, developing better habits right before your bedtime can improve your shut-eye, leading to more refreshing mornings. Try using these tips recommended by Dr. Christopher Winters, the medical director at Martha Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Center that we found on Refinery29:

1. Shut down electronics at least 2 hours before bed: Keep the production of your sleep hormone melatonin hard at work to make you feel sleepy and stay asleep.

2. Dim or eliminate blue light: If you have to work, keep your blue light exposure to a minimum, protect yourself as much as possible.

3. Close your bedroom curtains at night: Wake up in the dark then open the curtains, the immediate light exposure will jolt you awake.

4. Embrace the sun in the mornings: Soak up as much natural light as you can in the am to keep your natural body clock in sync, helping you fall asleep and wake up at the right time.

5. Take a warm bath before bed: By raising your body core temperature and letting it naturally cool down, you’ll lull your body into sleepiness.

6. Keep your bed cold: Dr. Winter recommends keeping your bedroom between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for refreshing sleep.

7. Wear socks as you snooze: As you fall asleep your blood flow is directed toward your hands and feet. When your extremities are warm, your blood vessels dilate and help to drop your temperature more easily.

Have any of these tips improved your sleep performance?

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