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Baby Boomers With Sleep Disorders


Dr. William Kohler, a Florida sleep specialist says that the Baby Boomers are starting to realize what many have known for years – while aging doesn’t necessarily mean worse sleep, for many, it does.

Dr. Kohler warns that as you grow older, it may actually be easier to develop sleep disorders and problems that can affect the rest of your life as well. Furthermore, poor sleep hygiene and habits picked up during younger years can cause sleep problems as well, and habits can be hard to break. When a person ages, their circadian rhythm, or biological clock, shifts earlier in the day for unknown reasons. Their sleep architecture changes as well, and they spend less time in deep non-REM sleep, although this doesn’t necessarily mean worse or less sleep.

Many people as they age have more trouble staying asleep than falling asleep. Usually, however, these sleep troubles are related to weak bladders or other health issues such as disease, pain, or depression.

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