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Sleep Disorders Occur at Early Stages of Alzheimer’s

An abrupt change in sleeping patterns could be an early indicator of Alzheimer’s, according to a new study. Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, working on a mouse model, found that when the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s plaque appear on the brain, sleep patterns become extremely disturbed. They found that […]

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Schizophrenia, Mental Illness May Be Treated By Quality Sleep

Research from Russell Foster, a professor of neuroscience at the University of Oxford, shows that people suffering from schizophrenia had completely erratic sleep schedules whether they have jobs or take medication.  This could mean that a defect in the neurotransmitters in the brain related to mental illness may also affect the sleep of an individual. […]

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Patients Using Beta Blockers May Find Sleep Relief With Melatonin

The Better Sleep Council suggests supplements like melatonin, valerian root, 5-HTP and magnesium and calcium, may help promote healthy sleep patterns. A new study shows that Melatonin, a dietary supplement, can provide a real increase in actual sleep of beta-blocker using hypertension sufferers. This may be due to the fact that beta-blockers inhibit melatonin production during […]

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Sleep Apnea May Be Treatable by Retraining Your Breathing

The Breathing Retraining Center LLC in Berkley, California, is offering classes previously used for asthma relief to help relieve clients of sleep apnea and snoring. Snoring and Sleep Apnea are caused by hyperventilating, or breathing more than necessary, while you sleep. By possibly retraining how you breath while you are awake, the Center hopes to offer some night-time relief. They […]

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