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Coping With Jet Lag

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Jet Lag is one of the most common sleeping disorders, and can have an effect on your alertness and your sleeping ability. Both types of people; those who are very well-traveled, and people who catch the occasional recreational flight far away can experience jet lag. In recent years, studies have shown that jet lag is caused by an imbalance in our body’s natural clock, previously, jet lag was thought to only be a state of mind.

Our body’s and circadian rhythms are slow to adjust to a new time zone. There are many things that you can do to prepare yourself for a long flight. Other than practicing obvious good sleep hygiene, consider anticipating the time change by adjusting to the new schedule at home for a few days before your trip. During your trip; try to avoid heavy meals and try and get as much sunlight as possible, as exposure to the sun is one of the best ways to reset our body’s inner clock. Once getting to sleep in the new time zone, try to be stress free and anticipate and correct any possible sleep disturbances in your new resting place. Take measures to modify your behavior in the modified time zone, and feel free to utilize sleep aids such as sleeping pills (after speaking with your doctor of course), so that you can wake up as refreshed as possible and make the most out of your trip without letting jet lag get the best of you!

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