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New Study Links Lack of Sleep To Weight Gain

New Study Links Lack of Sleep To Weight Gain

Researchers at the University of Colorado have found that when men and women are not getting enough sleep, they are much more likely to gain weight. For example, they indulged in calorie-dense and fatty foods closer to bedtime. The study involved observing 16 participants consumption of, and desire to eat food after sleeping an adequate amount, and then sleeping significantly less. On the short side, men and women were allowed to get only five hours of sleep. Then, they were allowed to get nine hours of sleep.

After having slept for five hours a night, for five days, the participants gained nearly two pounds! While the men and women were deprived of sleep, they tended to not eat breakfast (We’ve all heard about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day!). And, women in particular, showed significantly less self-control when faced with the opportunity to eat more food after they were already full while exhausted and sleep deprived.

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