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Self Administered Therapy May Provide Insomnia Relief


Suffering from a long-term disease or illness can often lead to insomnia and chronic insomnia symptoms in the elderly. However, a little education on sleep health and hygiene can noticeably improve their quality of sleep.

A study shows that long-term sufferers of osteoporosis and other diseases benefited from some basic education on sleep hygiene, administered through self-help booklets and a hotline.  Sleep quality showed improvements all the way into the 6 month range. This study supports evidence than many can benefit from better sleep and more of it when they simply understand it better.  Many people do not understand the importance of sleep and blow it off.

The material provided to the participants included information on sleep hygiene including self-monitoring, sleep restriction, stimulus control, and cognitive strategy.  They also received a single sheet of advice detailing sleep hygiene.

Nearly 73% of the seniors reported that they would share the information with others and thought that it benefitted them well. Daytime fatigue remained unchanged throughout the study, although this is attributed to the long-term effects of the diseases from which the participants suffered.

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