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Sleep Better By Turning Your Bedroom Into A Sleep Cave

Sleep Better By Turning Your Bedroom Into A Sleep Cave

Here are great tips to improve your sleep quality in your bedroom!

Add Pink Noise Instead of White. Pink noise is blended sounds with a consistent frequency, instead of the combination of sounds of different frequencies, which is called white noise. A new study revealed that 75% of its participants reported more restful sleep with pink noise than with silence. You can simply create this noise with fans, apps or gadgets that produce steady, uninterrupted sounds such as blowing wind or falling rain.

Make It Pitch Black. You shouldn’t be able to see a dropped pillow if you’ve done it right. Our eyes can still detect light when they are closed, which inhibits our secretion of melatonin, a naturally occurring chemical that helps us sleep. Add opaque curtains or blackout shades to block out light from outside. Use clocks with red display numbers instead of white or blue, and turn yours away from your face.

Find a Perfect Temperature You Can Hibernate In. Specialists suggest setting your thermostat between 65 and 72 degrees. It should feel just chilly enough that you need a blanket. Try to wear clothing that will regulate your body temperature as you sleep, such as breathable shorts. You can also set the timer on your A/C to drop during the night or sleep with a fan.

Create A Personal Nest. Women and men often have different core temperatures. Instead of sleeping in separate rooms, enhance your bedroom to share. Try sleeping in the same bed with separate sheets or, putting a pillow between the two of your bodies to block body heat and movement when needed.

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