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Study Links Migraine Frequency, Disability with Poor Sleep

Study Links Migraine Frequency, Disability with Poor Sleep

A study conducted at the University of Mississippi found an association between bad sleep quality and frequency of headaches, as well as an increased disability from headaches, among people who get migraines.

Researchers used 292 college students, average age of 19, with 69.9% of them being women. All participants were screened for migraines and tested for depression and anxiety. The students reported their daytime sleepiness, sleep hygiene and sleep quality. Researchers then compared the sleep habits between those who received migraines and those who didn’t. 26% of the participants had episodic migraines. Overall, the students with migraines had worse sleep quality than those who didn’t get migraines—85.9% compared to 62%.

Although the relationship between sleep quality and episodic migraines is uniquely related, it is not a clear cause-and effect.

We all know how badly a crippling migraine can affect our ability to think and work. Be sure to get adequate sleep for this reason, and so many more!

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