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Melatonin May Boost Sleep in Noisy Environments

Melatonin May Boost Sleep in Noisy Environments

According to new research, melatonin can lead to more quality sleep. Published in the journal Critical Care, researchers from Capital Medical University in Beijing found that intensive care unit (ICU) patients using melatonin experience much improved snooze, compared to simply using an eye mask and earplugs at night. While melatonin is naturally produced in the […]

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Tart Cherry Juice May Provide Some Insomnia Relief

Are you battling insomnia? According to Medical News Today, researchers from the University of Rochester, University of Pennsylvania and the VA Center of Canandaigua found that their study participants with insomnia saw improvements in their condition after consuming tart cherry juice regularly. After drinking 8 ounces of cherry juice for 2 weeks in the mornings and […]

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