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14-Year Study Links Poor Sleep to Heart Attack & Stroke Risk

14-Year Study Links Poor Sleep to Heart Attack & Stroke Risk

New research is strengthening the link between poor sleep and the increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

According to a press release shared by the European Society of Cardiology, the research was a part of a long-term World Health Organization (WHO) program and an additional “psychosocial” sub-study.

“Mortality from cardiovascular diseases accounts for nearly 50% of the total mortality among the population,” shared Professor Gafarov regarding the significance of the study results. “Nearly 80% of deaths from cardiovascular disease are due to myocardial infarction (heart attack) and stroke. It means that today we are talking about an epidemic of cardiovascular disease. It is therefore necessary to engage in intensive prevention of risk factors leading to the development of cardiovascular diseases.”

Data was collected on 657 men between the ages of 25 and 64 from Novosibirsk, Russia who had no history of stroke, heart attack or diabetes, beginning in 1994. Over the study period of 14 years, sleep quality was also assessed, along with all cases of stroke and heart attacks.

The 63% the participants who had a heart attack during the study, also were found to have a sleep disorder. Sleep disorders doubled the risk of heart attack and practically quadrupled the risk of stroke, compared to those who did not have any sleep issues.

Professor Gafarov also shared that sleep disorders are closely associated with “depression, anxiety, and depression,” making therapy an effective form of treatment to add to healthy sleep practices for better shut-eye.

In fact, other research has shown that treating the sleep disorder insomnia at the same time as depression is more effective that tackling each condition separately.

If you have anything that bother you about your shut-eye,  including but not limited to– trouble falling sleep, staying asleep, feeling refreshed upon waking up or find yourself experiencing daytime sleepiness—share your concerns with a licensed physician as soon as possible to improve the quality of your life!

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