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3 Ways Poor Sleep Slows Your Career

3 Ways Poor Sleep Slows Your Career

You may think that sleeping less to put in more hours is helping your career. However, in reality you can be more much efficient, creative and productive if you give sleep the chance to boost your work day.

Many employers are recognizing the importance of shut-eye in for the success of their businesses, helping their employees get the sleep they need.  Why is sleep such a big deal for the workplace? Check out what The Fiscal Times wants you to know about going into your work sleep deprived:

Your memory, learning, and critical problem solving skills will fail you:  During the second half of a full night of sleep, our brains are top priority as memories and new information are consolidated. Disrupted sleep or not sleeping long enough doesn’t allow the process to give you what you need.

You are likely to be unethical: You are unable to make fair decisions and more unwilling to negotiate. One study found that sleep deprived people are even more likely to make decisions seeking out financial gain, making gambling more appealing with a lack of sleep.

You’ll be lacking original ideas: Dreams are great place to find creativity and innovation to apply to the real world. Many people have reported their best ideas came from a dream, including Paul McCartney who credits a dream to writing the Beatles hit “Yesterday” and Stephen King who had a nightmare that inspired his best seller Misery.

If you are looking for a promotion, trying to solve a formula, need to think of a creative campaign or just need to connect more with your co-workers and boss, putting in more time sleeping at night, will help each day on the job much more of a success. Invest in a bright future by investing in the power of  7-9 hours of quality snooze tonight!

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