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4 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Better

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Sometimes as a new parent, it can be a struggle to get your baby sleeping well consistently. Today, we have compiled a short list of tips to implement if you’re having a bit of difficulty getting your little one to sleep. The author of Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler and Preschooler, Ann Douglas, weighed in to offer her expert opinions.

1. Stay on schedule: Just like adults, infants need routines so they are able to identify when it’s time to go to sleep. Douglas says to, “Focus on activities your baby finds soothing, whether it’s a bath, massage or lullaby.”
2. Embrace naps: “Your child needs nutritious ‘sleep snacks’ during the day in addition to his main nighttime ‘sleep meal’ in order to be at his best,” says Douglas. In essence, babies who rest frequently, have less difficulty getting to sleep at night.
3. Know your child: By seeing the signs that your baby is tired, you can seize the opportunity lay them down to sleep for the evening.
4. Hang in there: Douglas notes that not all babies become accustomed to going to sleep at the same time; some may take longer than others. “Remain confident in your ability to handle any curveballs that the baby throws your way, and you’ll more easily handle the challenges of nighttime parenting.”

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