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Hotels Focusing on Providing a Good Night’s Sleep

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While most hotels focus on having more amenities than the next one, this hotel is putting a significant amount of energy into ensuring that their patrons sleep well. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 40 million people suffer from a chronic sleep disorder. Furthermore, 62% of adults in America have a sleep-related problem at least a couple of nights a week. The Benjamin Hotel, has been taking their customers’ sleep quality seriously since they opened their doors for business in 1999.

The Benjamin is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, New York City—frequently dubbed The City That Never Sleeps. The culture surrounding the importance of sleep runs deep at the Benjamin, where guests have a choice of twelve different pillows to choose from for their stay. Their sleep concierge (Yes, they have a sleep concierge!), Anya Orlanska, spoke their plentiful selection of pillows, “We noticed they travel with their own pillows, so instead we decided to bring the pillows to the guests.” They even have a pillow that is filled with cold or hot water—which they claim will provide instant relief for headaches and neck pain.

But, it doesn’t stop there. “We come to your room, put the shades down, put the temperature up so it’s nice and warm, spray the room with lavender, leave you an eye mask, liquid on pressure points, advise you to have massage, either here or if you’re more comfortable in the spa. We would talk about a midnight snack as well, if you’d like something to eat,” said Orlanska. Also, they provide a courtesy call an hour before bedtime, reminding guests to turn off their electronic devices. But, all of this will cost you. For a single bedroom, the hotel runs $349.00 a night!

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